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" And now what do we have? We have the right to vote while we are homeless. We have the right to vote while we are jobless. We have the right to vote while our children are miseducated; this right that we were told would bring us a cornucopia of blessings and freedoms. We have the right to ride the front of the buses, we’re the only ones riding on it. Yes. We have the right to sit at the lunch counter with white folks and we ain’t got the money to buy a sandwich. We got all of these abstract rights but nothing real. This is the situation we face. We inhabit neighborhoods where the industries have flown away and left us of jobs and opportunities. Why? Because we have not paid attention to the realities of our lives. And now we are overrun with violence, because violence is the result of social disorganization. Violence is the result of a nation not being able to feed and clothe it’s people legitimately. "


This nigga Gucci Mane really singing his heart out 

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this song about me

Since u say u a dime can I flip that?

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